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  Budget NAS
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-05-2022, 12:30 AM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Looking at buying my 1st NAS.
1) Users 4
2) IOS devises (MacBooks, iPads, iPhones )
3) Set up of family share folders and users specific locked directories

Requirement to save photos, videos, word, PowerPoint, & excel documents on a secure NAS that can be accessed remotely

Think of the Asustor drivestore or the Synology DS220j (open to other products)

What would you suggest

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Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-04-2022, 08:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Seen quite a few of your vids & you know more than most so i thought id ask you these questions, im new to Sysnology & im wondering what i need to do to it to have it the way i want it, all im looking to do is store video files on it & some way to run DNLA to my devices, what would you suggest? Many Thanks.

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  DS920+ compatibility with APC UPS
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-04-2022, 11:00 AM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Hi there,

I just recently bought a DS920+ and a UPS. However, instead of sending me the one i ordered they sent me a different one which iapc bx1600mi-az. It doesn't appear on Synology's compatibility list but it still has a data/usb port.

Can I still use it?

Also, will having plex, surveillance station, audio station be alright having an 8GB total RAM? and how many volumes is recommended if i'm doing SHR?

Thank you for your help.

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  RAID/RAM/4th HDD Blank
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 09:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

In your Setup Guide YouTube video series, you never addressed why you left the fourth drive unformatted in the series (I watched all 10 setup guides). You used 4 HDD's, formatted three of them with RAID 5 and said you were leaving the fourth one for showing what to do with it in the next video. My questions:
1. Why RAID 5 instead of SHR-2 (my understanding is with SHR-2, I can replace one HDD with a bigger one and gain more space, Can't do that with RAID 5)
2. What are you doing with the fourth drive that is not in the RAID 5 configuration?
3 . you mentioned that we should wait to install the extra RAM until after we setup the RAID and DSM. Why? I haven't started using it yet and I can reset and remove the RAM if it really makes a significant difference and start over. Thanks for your help and your setup videos.

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  Synology RT6600ax
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 07:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Hi Rob. Ive been a subscriber for many years, your videos have helped me
to decide to buy many Synology nas units, my first being the ds212plus
my latest the ds1821plus. Like you I`m from the uk so I`m hoping you
can help me with a question I cant get my head around.

My internet currently comes from Plusnet with an adsl connection/router
that as you know comes down the standard phone line connector (via that splitter/filter).
This router has a single Cat5e cable connected to my Q-Nap QSW-M408C, then around the house
to all the pc`s nas etc with Cat5e or Cat6.

Plusnet have just offered me FTTP so I`m hoping to upgrade in September. And after watching
your video on the Synology RT6600ax with its Vlan feature I would love to buy this and setup
two Vlans, one for all my devices and the second separate Vlan for my Kids stuff.
(I do not want my Kids having access to my shared folders etc)

What I do understand is that once FTTP is installed this new connection is just a standard
Cat5 or Cat6 Cable that connects to the Wan socket on a router.

But what i`m not clear on is this:

Does the RT6600ax completely replace the Plusnet router?? and if your answer is yes, do I
need to setup into the Synology RT6600ax settings some sort of the old Plusnet/Connection
/account/username stuff like I had to with my Adsl router??

I assume Plusnet will send me a pre configured FTTP router and my Best guess would be I do not use
this Isp router at all. The Synology router will just connect to the internet in its place
without the older Plusnet/Connection/account/username etc settings. And then just leave me to setup
its DHCP, Lan, Vlan stuff myself?

The above might sound like a silly question but after spending a lifetime buying my own Dialup modems
(first modem was 9600, 14,4 then 28.8) and then plenty of Netgear adsl routers over the years the one constant
headache was trying to get the correct login settings to work, since most normal people just used the
pre configured hardware. <bg>

I will appreciate any ideas yourself you have. Many Thanks Frank S

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  NAS Camera Choces
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 07:00 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

New to NAS and want assistance in finding the right camera for outdoor security. So many choices, it's hard.

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Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 04:00 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies

I contact Synology's support and they said

The LAN ports on the device 920+ have a speed of 125MB/s, so with LAN aggregation it would be possible to reach the transfer speeds of up to 250MB/s.

How much is the speed on ports of 1522+? And why did you put this AMD processor without integrated graphics? Can't buy that product either Sad


What NAS product to buy for photo/video? Synology 920+ ports seem a bit slow for 2022 standards.

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Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 03:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Which NAS HDDs are the best for the money right now?

I meant Which capacity? 8TB, 12TB, 16TB, 20TB?

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Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 02:00 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)


If we populate a DS920+ initially with three 16tb drives set to RAID 5, can we add a 4th 16tb drive at a later date?

Thanks so much


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  NAS for Sonos
Posted by: NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-03-2022, 02:00 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Hi, I currently use a WDMyCloud 4Tb NAS to store my audio files to play back on Bluesound & Sonos.

While the BlueSound reads & plays files without any trouble the Sonos has started to be a pain, it frequently says it cannot find the drive to update library, despite 10 seconds previously been playing a file quite happily.

I understand that my WDMyCloud is probably no longer fully compatible due to Sonos updates to S2.

So i need a new drive ! bummer. Cheaper the better in this current climate, but do i go for DS120j 4Tb or DS220j 8tb.

I have not got a backup setup, so probably should. I'd backup a single bay to the WDMyCloud, but i don't know if it could.

any tips would be great, cheers

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