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  Future NAS
Posted by: Enquiries - 3 hours ago - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies


I currently own a QNAP TVS-471 which has served me well until recently as a home/plex NAS. However it has been hit by the recent DEADBOLT exploit and I am now having doubts as to whether to stay with QNAP. I am wondering should I stick with the QNAP I currently have or should I wait for the DS923+ or change now and get the DS920+. The NAS is used for home use documents and backup, bust mostly PLEX.

Thanks in advance

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  Should I get the 920+
Posted by: Enquiries - 6 hours ago - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies

I come from 2 bay DS213 and one of the slot has since become unresponsive. I was doing Raid 1 on the NAS previously and now with just 1 Slot working, I cannot achieve redundancy of my data.
initially I thought it was the HDD that broke down so I ordered 2 new HDD without checking the warning, only to find out the slot was the issue. I end up now with 4 HDD.
with that I thought I might as well upgrade to 4 slot NAS to make use of all the HDD. my use case now would be mostly an iCloud replacement to back up my photos of all my family iPhones. also as a media server for videos and music. my current DS213 is really slow with photo station. takes forever to load an album or to load a video. making it really unpleasant to use. I hope the new NAS would give better loading speed. I am also planning to run home assistance with the Synology NAS as a HomeKit hub. I am looking at long term and future proofing because I believe this NAS do last long time and getting the best now will definitely keep it relevant for longer. will this 920+ fulfil my use case and should I wait for next upgrade. at the moment I am really not in a rush to get a replacement NAS too.

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  Is my data redundant?
Posted by: Enquiries - Yesterday, 08:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

Hi there,

I'm new in the NAS world, so it's probably a pretty basic question I have ^.^

So, I got a Sinology DS220J with 2 X 4 TB seagate ironwolf Drives and got it setup. I chose SHR, then created 1 pool, then 1 volume and "assigned" my 2 drives to the volume. (not that I completely understand what all of that means btw)

Everything looks fine, but I'm not clear whether my data are redundant (aka stored on both drives) or not. One very important use case for me is to make sure I don't lose my data. So, my questions are:

Are my data backed up on both drive? Is it safe already? And how can I double check that?

Hope that makes sense and feel free to ask more details if needed.

Guys, great ressources you are providing. It has been extremely useful already and given the depth of NAS technology, I feel it will keep on being useful. Big thanks!

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  QNAP 4bay rack
Posted by: Enquiries - Yesterday, 07:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies

First of all I would like to thank you for all your informative videos, I follow you from a long time.

I would like to buy a NAS (+/- 1000€) for local storage, backups and plex.

I think that for my case, the QNAP 464 could be a good deal.
But there is something I don't understand between those two models:


Those two look almost identical but the first one has one M.2 slot and the second one hasn't. But even thought the "eU" model is cheaper, what am I missing here? I'm not sure to understand.

Thanks for your time.

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Posted by: Enquiries - Yesterday, 04:00 AM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies

I have been dealing with some problems with F5-221 for a while now.

The NAS would just disappear off the network randomly. Can't see it with TNAS or through the webbrowser. After rebooting I had to wait hours for it to churn before allowing me access. Webbrowser would say "LOADING". Many times I had to reload TOS 4.2.39. I think the prior 4.2.27 (?) was better. I finally switched to NAS 5 and the NAS comes online quicker now. The problem is that there are no icons on the desktop. Can't creates users or check hardware. Can't see resources. Processor running at 60-99% and upgraded memory (10GB) used at 80-99%. Even with TOS 5 (no icons), the NAS disappears from network and requires rebooting after a few hours. I did not see you mention any such problems on your channel. What is your experience with these issues? Tech support says that they are working on finding a solution for me but their forum is full of issues like the lack of icons. Any help would be appreciated.

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  WD EX4100 to Synology 1522 - Data Migration
Posted by: Enquiries - Yesterday, 01:00 AM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

I can't find a video about how I can migrate my data from the WD EX4100 (Media files which are large and I don't want to have to re-download everyone of them) to my new "upgrade" to a Synology 1522.

Can someone help? I found tons of videos on synology to synology but not WD to Synology.

I tried the hotswapping drive and using migration station but it wants to wife the data from the WD EX4100 which defeats the purpose.

Can I just do a USB to USB data migration? As much as I hate how friggin' slow I'm sure it's going to be...is it even possible?

I have both a mesh network (M9+) network and Wifi 6 xfinity modem and wifi in the house. My family wants to be able to watch the movies and media on at least one place while I am doing the migration...so taking 2-5days to migrate the 16TB from WD to Synology without access would be a problem...can you help? I need a strategy that allows for a media server uptime, but a strategy to move the data also between nas'es

Thank You,

Stephanie Miller

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  External Hard Drive Enclosure
Posted by: Enquiries - 10-04-2022, 08:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

i plan on buying a DAS for home use data center just all my files , mostly videos which after the intial write i will be constantly watching them so continuous usage not just one write then its left alone (trying to show that i will be constantly using the devic as it will be powered on as long as the pc is powered on) so my Q is which Seagate 3.5 hdd is best for my usage the ironwolf, the barracoda or the barracoda pro?? i need to know which one fits this typr of usage best so i can buy it.

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  Replacing failed QNAP NAS
Posted by: Enquiries - 10-04-2022, 08:00 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - No Replies


My TVS-672N recently failed (won't power ON). I used it primarily as a Plex server and for file and data storage with Qsync.

I plan to return the damaged NAS to QNAP for repair or replacement. In the meantime, I'd like to purchase a backup NAS and move my HDDs and SSDs to it.

I have 6 WD Red Pro 8TB NAS Internal Hard Drives 3.5"


2 WD_Black SN750 1TB NVMe Internal SSDs

If I replace the damaged NAS, can I drop the existing drives into the new NAS and have it function like the original NAS (ie. will it recognize the data on the migrated drives and map to it automatically)?

What QNAP NAS would make a good replacement for my purposes (Plex and data storage)? I'd like to avoid another 672N because I've heard that chipset failure is a common problem.

Thank you.

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  UPS Compatibility
Posted by: Enquiries - 10-04-2022, 11:00 AM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

I have the Synology DS920+ (having purchased it last year based on recommendations in NASCompares Smile that replaced my older DS214. I purchased the APC UPS (Back-UPS Pro BN1500M2) in 2018 for the DS214 and continued to use it after setting up the DS920+.

I have since learned that the BN1500M2 is not on the Synology Products Compatibility List. I uncovered this when I thought my UPS was not operating properly as part of the graceful shutdown in the event of a power outage.

After much consultation with APC and Synology support, both suggested I replace my UPS with a model on the Compatibility List and I selected the APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500MS2 (sized and recommended based on my load requirements). I have also learned through this process that as part of the graceful shutdown, the NAS never powers off. Instead, when the NAS loses power, the DSM shuts down (as I understand) all the critical apps and resources on the NAS and allows background apps, i.e., the ones when the NAS was fresh out of the box, to remain on until the UPS battery runs out of power.

So with that as my understanding of the interplay between the NAS and UPS, I am wondering if I can use my existing, but not necessarily compatible BN1500M2, or should I keep the new BR1500MS2. The specs are close between the two models.


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  low noise
Posted by: Enquiries - 10-03-2022, 08:30 PM - Forum: Before you buy Q&A - Replies (1)

I am looking for a low noise 2 bay nas that I can upgrade with memory and in the future can take ssd/Nvme.

I will juse my nas for movies on Plex for the hole family to share as well as photos

Kind regards. Nadeem

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