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Audio editing with NAS?

I'm just curious Rob's youtube video on audio editing with a NAS.
(Choosing the Right NAS CPU for Audio Editing - Buyers Guide <>).
I am a musician and producer with similar needs to his friend Ben from the video, and I'm wondering what audio editing software exists for NAS systems? I am familiar with all the usual DAWs for editing audio on a PC (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, etc. etc) but have never heard of an audio editor for NAS. Could someone please clarify?
I'm wondering this because I'm curious about using a NAS in my recording studio to allow for simultaneous multi-client song editing, the way Google docs allows multiple clients to edit the same word document or spreadsheet simultaneously. I realize this may entail having to program my own applications for the NAS and for the client devices. Hopefully someone can set me down the right path. Thanks!
There is no Audio editing app for NAS per say. But if you do want to install it directly on the NAS, then plus series NAS like DS218+ or TS-251D would allow you to install Windows virtual machine. Then you can use well know software the usual way. You can then connect to your NAS over the internet and do the editing. But if all editing will be done locally then you may map a network drive to your computer. Or if the software do not allow using network drives then you can set up ISCSI volume and mount that. This would trick software thinking it is actually an internal disk. I hope this helps.

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