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Drobo D3

Hello my Drobo stopped working the other day and the power supply that plugs into it is flashing green so I ordered a new power supply which hasn't come in yet but this has made me determine I'm going to replace it so any advice would be greatly appreciated I looked at your video and comparisons and it was very informative. I'm leaning towards Other World Computing.
Greetings! It's unfortunate to hear about the hiccup with your Drobo, but you're definitely taking a wise step by considering a replacement. Your budget of 2-3K Canadian, coupled with your requirements as a home design business dealing with 30-40TB of data, leads us to the realm of Direct Attached Storage (DAS). While DAS tends to outpace NAS in terms of speed, the DS923+ NAS model is worth serious consideration, particularly if you're seeking elevated performance through a 10GbE LAN setup. The DS923+ is widely favored for its compelling advantages, including additional features like remote backups, a plethora of apps, and the capacity for seamless collaboration across multiple connections. The range of functionalities a NAS provides could prove pivotal for your design business.

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