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Drobo D3 - Enquiries - 08-20-2023

Hello my Drobo stopped working the other day and the power supply that plugs into it is flashing green so I ordered a new power supply which hasn't come in yet but this has made me determine I'm going to replace it so any advice would be greatly appreciated I looked at your video and comparisons and it was very informative. I'm leaning towards Other World Computing.

RE: Drobo D3 - ed - 08-23-2023

Greetings! It's unfortunate to hear about the hiccup with your Drobo, but you're definitely taking a wise step by considering a replacement. Your budget of 2-3K Canadian, coupled with your requirements as a home design business dealing with 30-40TB of data, leads us to the realm of Direct Attached Storage (DAS). While DAS tends to outpace NAS in terms of speed, the DS923+ NAS model is worth serious consideration, particularly if you're seeking elevated performance through a 10GbE LAN setup. The DS923+ is widely favored for its compelling advantages, including additional features like remote backups, a plethora of apps, and the capacity for seamless collaboration across multiple connections. The range of functionalities a NAS provides could prove pivotal for your design business.