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NAS for video editing (Resolve)

G'Day, Rob, first and foremost, huge thank you for sharing your knowledge/experience. From being a venerable ignoramus and not knowing what NAS is, you guys are responsible for turning me into a slightly less ignorant non-networky person. I watch your videos for the info as well as the entertainment!!
I need to get a reasonably sized array on which I can edit 4k video (Resolve) and access remotely quite often. )Currently on a mac mini M1, hoping to upgrade to something with 10Gbe sometime, (budget allowing) Speaking of which, I am unfortunately on a very difficult budget. I have been scanning Marketplace/Amazon sales etc for a bargain, but so far, no luck. (unfortunately I missed your giveaway due to circumstance, but spotted quite a few clues.. 'Nightmare before Xmas' and others) Would something like a 1821+ or 1621+ with 10gbe and NVME caching do the job? What would you advise the ignoramus? Thanks again!!! Chris

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