Full Version: NAS for video editing (Resolve)
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G'Day, Rob, first and foremost, huge thank you for sharing your knowledge/experience. From being a venerable ignoramus and not knowing what NAS is, you guys are responsible for turning me into a slightly less ignorant non-networky person. I watch your videos for the info as well as the entertainment!!
I need to get a reasonably sized array on which I can edit 4k video (Resolve) and access remotely quite often. )Currently on a mac mini M1, hoping to upgrade to something with 10Gbe sometime, (budget allowing) Speaking of which, I am unfortunately on a very difficult budget. I have been scanning Marketplace/Amazon sales etc for a bargain, but so far, no luck. (unfortunately I missed your giveaway due to circumstance, but spotted quite a few clues.. 'Nightmare before Xmas' and others) Would something like a 1821+ or 1621+ with 10gbe and NVME caching do the job? What would you advise the ignoramus? Thanks again!!! Chris
To answer your question, the Synology DS1821+ or DS1621+ with 10GbE and NVMe caching would definitely be a great option for editing 4K video and accessing remotely. Both models have powerful CPUs and plenty of RAM to handle demanding tasks like video editing. The 10GbE connection will also give you fast transfer speeds when working with large video files, and the NVMe cache will help speed up frequently accessed files.