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Nas and/or DAS thunderbolt

Hi there, can you help me

I have a Drobo 8D started getting issues so backed it all up and bought a Qnap. Haven't sorted it properly yet but also bought WD passport 32Tb as back up back up. but so slow as on USB 3,1

SO I have a lot of Disks. 12Tb x4 and 4 18TB plus the 4 x18 Tb own 2 WD USB 3.1 boxes.

What can I have to make my life easier with working photo and video attached via fasted way. and also make use of my drives. help Please

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Nas and/or DAS thunderbolt - by ENQUIRIES - 09-23-2022, 06:30 AM
RE: Nas and/or DAS thunderbolt - by ed - 09-24-2022, 02:48 PM

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