Full Version: Nas and/or DAS thunderbolt
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Hi there, can you help me

I have a Drobo 8D started getting issues so backed it all up and bought a Qnap. Haven't sorted it properly yet but also bought WD passport 32Tb as back up back up. but so slow as on USB 3,1

SO I have a lot of Disks. 12Tb x4 and 4 18TB plus the 4 x18 Tb own 2 WD USB 3.1 boxes.

What can I have to make my life easier with working photo and video attached via fasted way. and also make use of my drives. help Please
If you can not return them and get USB3.1 gen2 (10Gbit) version, you may consider getting 10gbit USB docking station which you could slide those drives into. Or empty enclosure such as icy dock or Terramaster. Just make sure your Qnap has 10gbit port or PCIe upgrade slot.

I hope this helps.