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Hello Guys,

I look for a NAS with super fast transfer speed via LAN and over the Internet.

Which NAS would you recommend?

I also do photography and video. Can I see what their interface will look like somewhere if, for example, I've uploaded photos or a video and want to share them somehow with a client? How will the customer see the photos and video? Can this be simulated somewhere to see if I will like what the software/interface looks like when sending photos to a client?


Yes, there is Synology Demo available here
All NAS come with 1GbE connectivity. If you have faster infrastructure such as 10GbE then NAS model with PCIe slot such as DS1621+/ DS1522+ would give that extra speed.
Here is Qnap demo -
Their TS-464 and other Celeron based models now come with 2.5GbE ports and 10gbe upgrade option.

I hope this helps.

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