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NAS - NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-05-2022

Hello Guys,

I look for a NAS with super fast transfer speed via LAN and over the Internet.

Which NAS would you recommend?

I also do photography and video. Can I see what their interface will look like somewhere if, for example, I've uploaded photos or a video and want to share them somehow with a client? How will the customer see the photos and video? Can this be simulated somewhere to see if I will like what the software/interface looks like when sending photos to a client?


RE: NAS - ed - 08-09-2022

Yes, there is Synology Demo available here
All NAS come with 1GbE connectivity. If you have faster infrastructure such as 10GbE then NAS model with PCIe slot such as DS1621+/ DS1522+ would give that extra speed.
Here is Qnap demo -
Their TS-464 and other Celeron based models now come with 2.5GbE ports and 10gbe upgrade option.

I hope this helps.