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Upgrading storage for an archive

Considering your current setup and requirements, the TerraMaster T9-450 seems like a good choice for your upgrade. It offers ample storage capacity and supports RAID 6 for data redundancy and protection. By consolidating the data from your existing Promise units onto the T9-450, you can have a centralized and efficient "server" for your archive. Additionally, you mentioned the possibility of using a D8 T3 or D8-332 in combination with the T9-450, which can provide even more storage capacity if needed.

However, if you value a wide range of backup software options and robust backup features, you may also want to consider a desktop NAS solution from Synology. Synology NAS devices are known for their comprehensive backup solutions and user-friendly interface, which could be beneficial for your archival needs. Ultimately, the decision between TerraMaster and Synology will depend on your specific preferences and requirements.

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