Full Version: Upgrading storage for an archive
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Hi, first off love your site! I work for a small personal archive (1 or 2 employees), digitising photographic media, video and music. Our current setup uses Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID DAS units (Pegasus R6 & a Pegasus2 R8) backed up to Terramaster D5-300 units which have given pretty faultless service over the last few years, but I'm running out of space and as these are old units now which don't support large drive sizes then we need to upgrade. I've always gone the DAS route so as to keep the archive offline but am now wondering about a desktop NAS which I will just use on the LAN. I'd combine all the data from the two Promise units onto one large NAS/DAS which will be the main "server" using RAID6, backed up to another unit locally with periodic backups to a third unit off-site via VPN. The new T9-450 sounds good so maybe just get 3 of those, or maybe 2 and a D8 T3 or D8-332?
Considering your current setup and requirements, the TerraMaster T9-450 seems like a good choice for your upgrade. It offers ample storage capacity and supports RAID 6 for data redundancy and protection. By consolidating the data from your existing Promise units onto the T9-450, you can have a centralized and efficient "server" for your archive. Additionally, you mentioned the possibility of using a D8 T3 or D8-332 in combination with the T9-450, which can provide even more storage capacity if needed.

However, if you value a wide range of backup software options and robust backup features, you may also want to consider a desktop NAS solution from Synology. Synology NAS devices are known for their comprehensive backup solutions and user-friendly interface, which could be beneficial for your archival needs. Ultimately, the decision between TerraMaster and Synology will depend on your specific preferences and requirements.