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Connect Synology DS920 to Lenovo ix4-300d

I recently purchased a DS920 to replace my Lenovo ix400 and replace an old laptop which i used as my plex server. All the files were saved on the Lenovo NAS and streamed via my Nvidia ShieldTVPro with the laptop being the plex server.

I did not know how to move the Plex server to the DS920 so deleted the plex server from the laptop and installed on the DS920 - this didnt work out well at all

I am now trying to connect the Lenovo NAS to the Synology NAS via USB to access the content through Plex on the DS920 but I am failing
I want to access the files from the Lenovo NAS (for now) as I only have 2 16tb drives in the DS920 and cannot do a RAID setup as yet

Can this be done via USB or at all even?

appreciate the help

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Connect Synology DS920 to Lenovo ix4-300d - by ENQUIRIES - 11-24-2022, 03:00 PM

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