Full Version: Connect Synology DS920 to Lenovo ix4-300d
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I recently purchased a DS920 to replace my Lenovo ix400 and replace an old laptop which i used as my plex server. All the files were saved on the Lenovo NAS and streamed via my Nvidia ShieldTVPro with the laptop being the plex server.

I did not know how to move the Plex server to the DS920 so deleted the plex server from the laptop and installed on the DS920 - this didnt work out well at all

I am now trying to connect the Lenovo NAS to the Synology NAS via USB to access the content through Plex on the DS920 but I am failing
I want to access the files from the Lenovo NAS (for now) as I only have 2 16tb drives in the DS920 and cannot do a RAID setup as yet

Can this be done via USB or at all even?

appreciate the help
No, you can not connect via USB. You can map the old NAS inside the Synology like this
Otherwise, you can copy data via your computer.
In this case, setting up Plex server on shieldTV would give you the best performance. It can be linked to any other NAS where you store all media.
Otherwise, DS920+ can handle Plex locally with no problems.
Here is how to install it

I hope this helps.