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NAS Requirements?

Hello, I just have got a query. I’ve changed from a PC with 3 internal large hard drives to a laptop with limited SSD storage capacity. Therefore, I was considering a NAS for 3 principal reasons: • Keep all data I’ve got accessible. Mainly at home but also get online access. • Create a DLNA network for playing music with my Denon Hifi. • Create copies avoiding losing data if backup hard drives break. However, looking more in detail, if I invest in such service, I decided to take the advantage and Invest a bit further and get a more sophisticated system, adding features like 4k transcoding and encoded copies. From several options I’ve looking for I was decided for a Synology 218 or 218+, mainly because of the more friendly environment, apparent more online help/assistance and I expect better design life, due to constant software upgrades. What do you recommend?

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NAS Requirements? - by Enquiries - 02-28-2020, 03:37 PM
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