Full Version: NAS Requirements?
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Hello, I just have got a query. I’ve changed from a PC with 3 internal large hard drives to a laptop with limited SSD storage capacity. Therefore, I was considering a NAS for 3 principal reasons: • Keep all data I’ve got accessible. Mainly at home but also get online access. • Create a DLNA network for playing music with my Denon Hifi. • Create copies avoiding losing data if backup hard drives break. However, looking more in detail, if I invest in such service, I decided to take the advantage and Invest a bit further and get a more sophisticated system, adding features like 4k transcoding and encoded copies. From several options I’ve looking for I was decided for a Synology 218 or 218+, mainly because of the more friendly environment, apparent more online help/assistance and I expect better design life, due to constant software upgrades. What do you recommend?
Yes, if you want feature rich NAS then DS218+ will be an excellent choice. DS218 is a cheaper version since it can not be upgraded nor expanded and it is overall slower performance NAS. DS218+ will allow you to do offline and online transcoding and stream over DLNA.RAID will protect your data against data loss. But you should still think about backup in case of disasters like fire/flood etc.I hope this helps.