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Home NAS + Server for Docler

So I have hit the wall with analysis and had a brain melt.. I have a Synology NAS 4 bay LN59764 and have recently loaded a whole bunch of docker containers onto it circa 8 (most of the radarr family apps using docker) then plex, home photos etc... the little synology isn't happy as it is now several years old. I got very excited and bought a SST-RM42-502 4U Rackmount Case (not the right case but could buy a ali 4 drive case to support the drives... and then i got stuck. I've no idea what to get ... please help. What I do want is

- a server rack mount NAS/Home Server capable of a number of virtual devices
- by my estimate 64GB Ram at a minimum
- 4 drives of 10 TB each
- I would love to link it to my Ubiquity Switch SFP port and have a second network link as a backup.
-Space isn't really a concern - hight maybe
- power consumption not an issue. Having said that heat is always an issue but i can manage that to some extent.
- the £1200 is not inclusive of storage.

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Home NAS + Server for Docler - by ENQUIRIES - 04-09-2024, 09:00 PM
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