Full Version: Home NAS + Server for Docler
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So I have hit the wall with analysis and had a brain melt.. I have a Synology NAS 4 bay LN59764 and have recently loaded a whole bunch of docker containers onto it circa 8 (most of the radarr family apps using docker) then plex, home photos etc... the little synology isn't happy as it is now several years old. I got very excited and bought a SST-RM42-502 4U Rackmount Case (not the right case but could buy a ali 4 drive case to support the drives... and then i got stuck. I've no idea what to get ... please help. What I do want is

- a server rack mount NAS/Home Server capable of a number of virtual devices
- by my estimate 64GB Ram at a minimum
- 4 drives of 10 TB each
- I would love to link it to my Ubiquity Switch SFP port and have a second network link as a backup.
-Space isn't really a concern - hight maybe
- power consumption not an issue. Having said that heat is always an issue but i can manage that to some extent.
- the £1200 is not inclusive of storage.
Based on your needs, I recommend considering the QNAP TVS-474 NAS or building a custom server using a Jonsbo case with an Intel i5 processor and ECC memory.

QNAP TVS-474 NAS: The TVS-474 offers a convenient all-in-one solution with robust hardware and comprehensive software features tailored for NAS and server applications. It provides excellent storage capacity, powerful processing capabilities, and built-in networking features, making it ideal for hosting game servers, Docker containers, Plex, and other applications. With QNAP's intuitive user interface and extensive app ecosystem, managing your server and data becomes straightforward.

Custom Server with Jonsbo Case, Intel i5, ECC Memory: Building a custom server allows for greater flexibility in selecting specific components to meet your requirements. By choosing a Jonsbo case, Intel i5 processor, and ECC memory, you can create a reliable and high-performance system tailored to your needs. ECC memory ensures data integrity and reliability, which is crucial for server applications. With the flexibility to customize components like storage, networking, and cooling, you can create a server optimized for your specific workload.