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RS820+ RAM upgrade

few reasons why the full 32GB isn't being recognized:

1. RAM Compatibility:

Double-check the RAM specifications:
Make sure it's DDR4 non-ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory.
Verify the RAM speed is compatible with your RS820+ (likely 2666MHz).
Check Synology's official compatibility list for guaranteed compatibility (
2. RAM Installation:

Re-seat the RAM module:
Power down your NAS, carefully remove the RAM module, and re-insert it firmly.
Ensure it's properly seated in the slot. Sometimes a loose connection can cause detection issues.
3. System Update:

Update your DSM (DiskStation Manager) to the latest version:
Outdated firmware might not recognize newer RAM models.
Check for updates in DSM > Control Panel > Update & Restore.
4. Troubleshooting:

Check the system logs:
System logs might offer clues about the RAM issue.
Look for errors related to memory detection in DSM > Control Panel > Log Center.

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