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RS820+ RAM upgrade - Enquiries - 04-04-2024

I added a 32GB RAM module to my Synology RS820+ and when I go to the resource monitor screen, it shows the 32GB. But the Info Center page shows only 2GB, and what's worse is the Virtual Machine Manager can only access 2GB. The whole reason I added the RAM was for running VMs. Is there any way to fix this? The RAM seller indicated that their RAM was compatible with my NAS model. But perhaps they didn't thoroughly test it.

RE: RS820+ RAM upgrade - ed - 04-08-2024

few reasons why the full 32GB isn't being recognized:

1. RAM Compatibility:

Double-check the RAM specifications:
Make sure it's DDR4 non-ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory.
Verify the RAM speed is compatible with your RS820+ (likely 2666MHz).
Check Synology's official compatibility list for guaranteed compatibility (
2. RAM Installation:

Re-seat the RAM module:
Power down your NAS, carefully remove the RAM module, and re-insert it firmly.
Ensure it's properly seated in the slot. Sometimes a loose connection can cause detection issues.
3. System Update:

Update your DSM (DiskStation Manager) to the latest version:
Outdated firmware might not recognize newer RAM models.
Check for updates in DSM > Control Panel > Update & Restore.
4. Troubleshooting:

Check the system logs:
System logs might offer clues about the RAM issue.
Look for errors related to memory detection in DSM > Control Panel > Log Center.