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NAS expansion query - Asustor AS6704T gen 2

Evening all

As a relative newbie to having a NAS (21Tb RAID 5), I am now rapidly running out of space so would like to add an expansion cabinet which I would then populate with 4 additional Seagate 12Tb Ironwolf NAS drives.

I am currently running RAID 5 on my Asustoir, so how would I add these drives thus increasing my capacity or do I have to create a seperate RAID array ?

Advice and or guidance would be much appreciated.

It is used for 3 PC b/u (Acronis Cyber protect) and also as a PLEX server(a;llso backup).

Many thanks from a new member.


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NAS expansion query - Asustor AS6704T gen 2 - by markpabbott - 04-02-2024, 08:55 PM

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