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NAS expansion query - Asustor AS6704T gen 2 - markpabbott - 04-02-2024

Evening all

As a relative newbie to having a NAS (21Tb RAID 5), I am now rapidly running out of space so would like to add an expansion cabinet which I would then populate with 4 additional Seagate 12Tb Ironwolf NAS drives.

I am currently running RAID 5 on my Asustoir, so how would I add these drives thus increasing my capacity or do I have to create a seperate RAID array ?

Advice and or guidance would be much appreciated.

It is used for 3 PC b/u (Acronis Cyber protect) and also as a PLEX server(a;llso backup).

Many thanks from a new member.


RE: NAS expansion query - Asustor AS6704T gen 2 - ed - 04-08-2024

Great to hear you're diving into NAS expansion! With your current setup, you've got a couple of solid options. If you're looking to seamlessly integrate those new 12TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives into your existing RAID 5 array, you can actually replace your existing drives with larger ones one by one. As each drive is replaced and rebuilt, your RAID will automatically expand, giving you more space without the hassle of creating a separate volume.

On the other hand, if you prefer keeping things separate or want to maintain different RAID configurations, setting up a second RAID and volume via the expansion cabinet is also a viable route. This would allow you to manage your storage independently, potentially optimizing each RAID array for different purposes or redundancy levels.