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Synology DS218+ a valiable option in 2024

Is a used DS218+ still a viable option to buy in 2024. I got a aging and low poered DS214se with 2 x 3TB in SHR and wanted to upgrade to a Intel powered NAS for container and Plex? I could get a DS218+ with 10GB for about 260 Euros compared to a brand new DS224+ or DS220+ with 2GB that goes for about 360 Euros and more. Are x86 based DS systems get longer DSM support? Is the eSATA port really useful on the DS218+ ? My current DS214se got the last update with 7.1. that is impressive for that old NAS system.

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Synology DS218+ a valiable option in 2024 - by ENQUIRIES - 01-06-2024, 04:30 PM

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