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Synology DS218+ a valiable option in 2024 - Enquiries - 01-06-2024

Is a used DS218+ still a viable option to buy in 2024. I got a aging and low poered DS214se with 2 x 3TB in SHR and wanted to upgrade to a Intel powered NAS for container and Plex? I could get a DS218+ with 10GB for about 260 Euros compared to a brand new DS224+ or DS220+ with 2GB that goes for about 360 Euros and more. Are x86 based DS systems get longer DSM support? Is the eSATA port really useful on the DS218+ ? My current DS214se got the last update with 7.1. that is impressive for that old NAS system.

RE: Synology DS218+ a valiable option in 2024 - ed - 01-09-2024

Considering your desire for an upgrade to an Intel-powered NAS for containers and Plex, a used DS218+ in 2024 can still be a viable option, especially if it fits your budget. The DS218+ has proven to be a reliable and capable NAS, and the inclusion of 10GB connectivity enhances its value.

When comparing with newer models like the DS224+ or DS220+, keep in mind that x86-based DS systems typically receive longer DSM support. The eSATA port on the DS218+ can be useful for expanding storage capacity if needed in the future.

The fact that your current DS214se received the last update with DSM 7.1 showcases Synology's commitment to supporting their devices.

If the DS218+ with 10GB meets your requirements and budget, it could be a cost-effective solution for your upgrade. However, if you have the flexibility to invest in a newer model like the DS224+ or DS220+, you'll benefit from the latest features and potentially longer support.