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QNAP-TS-473 vs Synology Equivalent?

Hi there,

Great fan of the channel.

Quick question:
I'm planning on purchasing a TS-473 and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade with graphic card for video transcoding and 10gbe card adapter.

The purpose of the NAS is:
- 4k transcoding Plex server
- Time machine
- File storage
- (little) Docker container machine

I also like Synology but cannot find a solution that seems to fit my need. This QNAP is best for the budget but cannot figure out a solution that can fit my need.

Thanks in advance,
Yes, Qnap TS-x73 series are a very popular choice among the pioneers. You can install a decent GPU card for dedicated Plex transcoding. This is a very beneficial thing to do. But if you want also 10GbE card in there, make sure there is enough room left after installing GPU. These cards tend to be bulky.I hope this helps.

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