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NAS for home and Lightroom catalog?

Hi, I am new to the NAS world and not a tech-savy guy...
I am looking for a safe solution to store a time machine back-up (2 TB) a growing Lightroom catalog and original pictures (~1 TB), one small laptop (500gb).
I was thinking about something like a drobo because of its ease of use (expansion, various drives sizes etc) but saw reviews about limited performance and reliability. Sinology DS218+ seemed another option but the poor customer service and limited assistance are not reassuring as I am not an expert (by far).

What could be the best cheap option for me without sacrificing size expansion and simplicity? I know there is no perfect solution Smile


Drobo just like Synology will be as fast as the connection you use. Ethernet 1GbE will work around 100MB/s. For that reason, people choose Thunderbolt or USB based DAS solutions or if it needs to be NAS then something with 10GbE connection. Qnap TS-453BT3 and TVS-472XT are very popular thanks to a Thunderbolt and Ethernet - two in one solution. Regards to support, Synology and Qnap will give you a better support hen Drobo.I hope this helps.

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