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? QNAP QuTS hero

Thinking about upgrading my QNAP device to another that can support QuTS hero.

Before I do, I want to confirm a few things.

1. If I wanted to migrate from QTS to QuTS Hero, I would need to have a storage pool equal to or larger than my current used space.  Is this correct? From my understanding, as it is FS change you can't do a live migration and keep the data.

2. In the past I understood you couldn't add individual disks to a storage pool in QuTS hero, instead you would need to make another R5/R6 etc and add that new raid to the existing.  Watching a video of yours it sounds like an update occurred that does allow you to add individual disks to QuTS hero.  In other words, adding additional individual disks to an existing R6 or ZFS volume.  Is this correct?
No, you can not move disks or migrate system data to Qts Hero. You will need to set this NAS up from scratch.
Then you can reconfigure it manually.
Then you can copy data over from old NAS to a new NAS via LAN if you bought new disks.
If you moved disks and wiped them on a new NAS. You can copy data over from your backup drives.

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