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Begging networking

Hi, I am in the market for a Nas that is primarily for Hi res audio storage and delivery to a Dac. My question is which machine would best do this, software etc and more importantly how would it be connected. I understand IT up to a point and know AV very well so I am trying to marry them. 
The plan is Nas to router not switch (right?) then the tricky part switch to Dac then analogue out to receiver. Dac’s usually don’t have Ethernet inputs. How do I get audio data from the network into a Dac is the question. Cheers.
Modern AMPs have Ethernet port and SMB support. But if you do not have it, you could use AUX in Google audio cast dongle.
Or you can get Asustor NAS or some old Qnap with Audio out port which you can connect to AMP. Or use HDMI port if you have one there.

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