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failed playback of Top Gun Maverick 2022 IMAX H264 file in your videos

In your Plex 4k videos, this file has failed playback on most NAS devices up to the point that it seems NAS can't play video files near 80 Mb/s bitrate. But after reading through a few people's posts on Reddit they claim that a direct play of such heavy files is possible with any home-based NAS like DS 920+ and TS 464. 
I want to make a purchase decision based on your videos but it seems that there is some discrepancy regarding the top gun file which was not even played by QNAP TVS-h874 in one of your videos. 
My use case required me to play heavy Blu-ray discs that I have ripped ranging between 40-100 Mb/s(HEVC). After watching your videos it made an impression that these files can't be played by any budget home NAS and will require a more expensive NAS.
I just wanted confirmation that this is actually true and the file is somehow not corrupted.
Also if it's possible to omit/replace that file with some other equivalent bit rate files would be helpful in your future videos. 
For home use, you should be able to use any NAS to stream 4k.
But make sure your TV or device to play on actually supports 4K. If not you will need gen 12 i5 or i7 CPU based NAS to handle this. Or convert videos to smaller files.

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