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Enterprise versus Consumer Hardware for NAS Build


I am a recent subscriber, but honestly, I do know how I didn't discover NAS Compares earlier. In terms of the reliability of UnRaid, is there a significant difference in using consumer vs. server-grade hardware? I ask as being from the UK, the energy prices are bonkers, so having an R210 II running 24/7 with all the heat it generates, I'm at my wits end and am currently looking for a replacement.

My main concern is the motherboard platform and the lack of ECC memory. In your experience, is it worth the risk for a home user?
For home users, ECC is not very important—unless you run virtual machines, websites, etc.
Unraid is quite a stable and reliable system. It is also fast fast-evolving OS.
For home use stick with regular WD Red plus or similar drives.

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