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Can I edit video from this Nas set up

Hello there,

Let me start off by saying how helpful I've found your YouTube content.

I work for a small business which has two video editors and a couple of graphic designers. We house all of our files on Google Drive. I'd like to get some local storage other than small Samsung T7 drives to help keep our storage and file structure cleaner.

If I was to get a Qnap H874, fill it with 24tb ironwolf pro's in raid 5 and ssd caching do you think that two people would be able to edit 4k video off it, while maybe another is editing photos on the drive all at the same time? When I look at the speed we should get from the 8 drives in raid 5 it seems possible, but I just have no real life experience.

If this worked the plan would be that this Nas is mirrored to Google Drive.

Also do you build these Nas's for people? Is this something we could order from you?

Many thanks

Absolutely, the QNAP TVS-874 is a popular choice among video editors, and your plan for setting up a local storage solution seems well-founded. By populating it with 24TB IronWolf Pro drives in RAID 5 and utilizing SSD caching, you can indeed expect robust performance for simultaneous 4K video editing and photo manipulation tasks. While the raw speed from the eight drives in RAID 5 is promising, it's advisable to take it a step further by creating a volume using the NVMe slots rather than solely relying on cache. This approach would optimize your workflow, with HDD RAID serving well for finished projects. To ensure smooth 4K editing, consider equipping your setup with 10GbE LAN (or at least 5GbE per editor). This will not only meet your current demands but also provide headroom for future expansion. Your strategy to mirror this NAS to Google Drive adds a layer of data protection and remote accessibility. Your budget of £6,000 appears to align well with your requirements for a small business engaged in video editing, projecting a comprehensive and efficient storage solution.

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