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NAS & Network Help Needed

I stumbled upon your channel recently looking for a solution for my video editing and storage problem. I am currently looking at creating 2 videos on my channel per week however a single video can take up 50GB - 100GB on Final Cut Pro. I also run a course and there's a lot of content that I don't want to have to delete for space.
I would love to chat about a solution that would be suitable for my needs. Now I'm a lone wolf video editor for my own channel so I don't have the budget of these video production companies but I want to invest in this.

In any case, what I'm looking at is 1522+ and perhaps adding two SSDs and 3 20GB Ironwolf SATA drives.

I can't afford all of this at the moment but I want to know what would be best in the future.

I also want to upgrade to a 10GbE network but have no clue where to start in terms of what to get. I use a MacBook Pro 16 M2 but I think I'm safe with 2.5GbE through my Caldigit TS4 dock which I believe has a 2.5GbE.

Absolutely, your plan sounds well thought out. The Synology DS1522+ is a suitable choice for your content creation needs, especially with the potential addition of two SSDs and three 20GB IronWolf SATA drives. This setup will provide the speed and storage capacity required for video editing and content storage. As for future considerations, this configuration offers scalability, ensuring it remains effective even as your content production grows.

Moving on to upgrading your network to 10GbE, it's a wise move to enhance data transfer speeds. You'll need a 10GbE network card for both your Synology NAS and your MacBook Pro 16 M2. If your laptop has a Thunderbolt port, you can opt for a Thunderbolt to 10GbE LAN adapter. To connect these devices, you can directly link them using the 10GbE ports or explore switches with multiple 10GbE ports. This guide on 10GbE switches could help you find suitable options: 10GbE Switch Guide.

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