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2.5GBe switches


I am looking for a 16 port 2.5G switch and I absolutely cannot find one from any manufacturer. Is there one that you are aware of? I have a total of 13 wired connections in my home for various devices and while not all of them have a 2.5G port to take advantage of the added speed, I don't necessarily want to have two 8 port switches in my set up. Even a combination of gig and 2.5GBe ports will do, but I haven't found a single one in that combo either. Is there a reason why there isn't a single manufacturer that has a 16 port 2.5 G switch out there? I've looked at all the QNAP options as well, but none that have 16 ports. All our work and home laptops can take advantage of 2.5 G and all cabling is cat 6e.

Thanks for the help.
Here are quite few options

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