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TS-453A drive failing, two Storage Pools

So, my trusty TS-453A is struggling a bit, drive 2 has a bad block. It has been a learning journey. Drives 1 and 2 are in Storage Pool 1, thick volume, no RAID, system is on this Pool. Drives 3 and 4 are in Storage Pool 2, RAID1. All 4 drives are WB 6TB.

Pool 1 is quite full so I have been backing up all the files on it that I wish to keep, to an external USB HDD.
Pool 2 is currently fine.

My questions: is there a way for me just replace Drive 2 and then to convert Pool 1 into RAID 1, without restarting the OS install from scratch?
If that is not possible, is it possible for me to wipe Drive 1 + New Drive 2 to do a fresh QTS install (RAID1 this time), without risking Pool 2 data loss?

Thank you for your wisdom in advance, and I am embarrassed to say that I envy your job - playing with my NAS is my hobby and the day job is far more boring!


Certainly, it's unfortunate to hear about the issues you're facing with your TS-453A NAS. When it comes to your setup, there's a critical consideration to keep in mind. Unfortunately, you cannot directly convert Pool 1 from its current configuration to RAID 1 without wiping the data. Converting the pool's configuration would indeed require a fresh setup, potentially involving data loss. If you decide to go ahead with this process, ensure that you have backed up all your essential data from Pool 1.

If you're contemplating wiping Drive 1 and replacing Drive 2 to perform a fresh QTS install with RAID 1 for Pool 1, it's important to note that Pool 2's data should remain unaffected. The process should allow Pool 2 to remain intact and accessible. However, as with any data-related action, it's always prudent to have comprehensive backups of your important information. While the prospect of performing a fresh setup might seem a bit daunting, it's a step that ensures the integrity and reliability of your storage solution, which is crucial in the long run.

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