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First nas

I'm looking to buy my first NAS and have decided on Synology.
What I can't decide on is whether to go with the 1522+ or the 1621+
I've already got 3 x 8TB drives (2 ironwolf pro and 1 exos) and 1 x 18TB exos as well as a 256 Gb SSD that I'm planning to use in an SHR array. I like the 1522 because it comes with 8Gb of ram, but I'm also leaning towards the 1621+ because of its 4 core CPU. I'm not in any hurry so waiting for the replacement model of the 1621+ is also an option - assuming it's due at the end of this year.
Thanks in advance for your advice Smile
When it comes to choosing between the Synology DS1522+ and the DS1621+ for your first NAS, you're making a great choice by considering Synology for your storage needs. Both models have their own strengths, and your specific requirements will play a significant role in making the right decision. While the DS1522+ offers 8GB of RAM out of the box, the DS1621+ boasts a 4-core CPU, which can be advantageous for multitasking and handling more intensive tasks. Remember, RAM can usually be upgraded later if needed. Additionally, consider factors like CPU speed and PCIe slot speed for potential expansion options in the future. With an SHR array in mind and the drives you've mentioned, both models have the potential to meet your storage demands. If you're open to waiting, the upcoming replacement model for the DS1621+ might bring even more features to the table. Keep an eye out for updates on that front. In the end, a balance between CPU power, RAM, and expansion options should guide your choice.

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