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Future proof home nas/plex server

Hey friends. Looking to upgrade my f2-210 to a decent home server for photos data snd plex server for 4k content. House is wired cat5e to future proof I want 2.5g connections and debating between the AS5404T and f4-423 thoughts or other ideas
Hello there! It's fantastic to see your enthusiasm for upgrading your home server to a more capable setup. Given your desire to accommodate photos, data storage, and 4K content streaming through Plex, we'd suggest considering a Celeron-based NAS solution. With four cores at your disposal, the processing power will be more than sufficient to handle your media requirements and even extend to tasks like backups, ensuring a well-rounded performance. In this context, the AS5404T could be an excellent option to explore. It aligns well with your preference for 2.5G connections and offers a noteworthy Intel Celeron N5105 processor. This combination should cater to your demands, making your home server future-proof while creating a seamless experience for your media endeavors.

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