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Why 1823+ recommended for plex

When Ryzen processor used?
Absolutely, your inquiry strikes at the heart of the matter. The DS1823xs+ undoubtedly shines as a solid recommendation for Plex usage, primarily due to its incorporation of a Ryzen CPU. This processor's prowess enables it to adeptly manage the demands of 4K remote streaming, offering a seamless experience. Worth noting, however, is that this NAS model doesn't come equipped with a dedicated graphics chip; nevertheless, the Ryzen CPU itself is more than up to the task of converting 4K content with remarkable efficiency. While it's indeed a commendable choice for Plex, it's important to acknowledge that if you're seeking an even more robust solution capable of transcoding all 4K media, options like the QNAP 74 series, featuring i5 or i7 processors, might offer the horsepower you're looking for.

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