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Synology nas with or without GPU

Hi. I have watched almost all the synology nas youtube videos and I am perPLEXed on what to do. 1)I want object recognition so I need 4 GB RAM. I am a home user with a modest amount of data but use my NAS for photo library and files. 2)I will soon upload action camera videos as well. All of the multimedia stuff is viewed on mobile ios devices. 3) 920+ is not available in Australia easily. So do I hunt one down or buy ds423+. In both cases I assume I have to upgrade the RAM. In the end this seems the better option for multimedia vs ds923+… but I guess it all comes down to does storing action camera videos on the NAS and watching them on a mobile device if if 4k or higher. I dont really understand transcoding but I assume there will be a need here.
Certainly, your situation is understandable, and making the right choice for your Synology NAS can indeed be a bit perplexing. Based on your needs, here's a clear direction. Since you require 4 GB RAM for object recognition and are a home user with a moderate amount of data for photo libraries and files, the DS423+ is a solid option. It shares the same hardware as the DS920+ and includes a transcoding chip, which simplifies streaming and multimedia tasks. Considering your plan to upload action camera videos, the DS423+ offers a favorable solution for storing and viewing these videos on mobile iOS devices. While the DS920+ might not be readily available in Australia, the DS423+ appears to align well with your needs, especially when it comes to handling multimedia content effectively. This choice allows you to strike a balance between your requirements and the available options. Should you opt for the DS423+, upgrading the RAM as you mentioned could further enhance its performance for your tasks.

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