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Synology Surveillance Station

Hi. I have 4 Synology NAS (DS411+, DS1511+, DS716+ and DS1821+). The unit I use for Surveillance Station is the DS716+ with 11 licenses and currently using only 10. The cameras are today all Hikvision with 1-3MP, 3-4MP, 1-4MP ColorVu and 5-8MP ColoVu.

Just ordered the 4MP ColorVu to evaluate the difference vs the 8MP ColorVu. The plan is to perhaps move all remaining cameras to either 4 or 8MP ColorVu when the test period is finished. All new cameras are from the Hikvision PRO range 2CD2087, 2CD2387 and 2CD2347.

The DS716+ I currently use for my security system has worked fine all these years and continue to do so. The NAS has 8GB RAM running DSM 6.2.4 with 2 2TB disks running hybrid raid. Storage capacity in excess of 30 days (only on recording detections which are somewhat frequent) today without problems. All recording at 15fps and full resolution.

Is there anything to gain from upgrading the NAS and if so, which model/configuration would you suggest and when.

Thank you.

Absolutely, it's great to see your comprehensive setup using Synology NAS units for Surveillance Station with a range of Hikvision cameras. Given your current setup and requirements, it seems that your DS716+ has been performing well, especially with 10 cameras running smoothly at full resolution and 15fps. Upgrading your NAS might not necessarily yield substantial benefits unless you're looking for enhanced AI features, in which case Synology's NVR series could be worth considering. Alternatively, opting for Synology's own cameras that come with built-in AI capabilities might offer additional advantages. It's also worth noting that the upcoming DSM 7 could bring about improvements and enhancements that could enhance your surveillance setup. Your current DS716+ seems to be efficiently meeting your needs, but for potential future-proofing, keep an eye out for DSM 7 and any advancements in Synology's NVR series or camera offerings. If you're satisfied with your current setup and performance, staying on the existing hardware might be a prudent choice.

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