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Work mac photolibrary in a ASUSTOR NAS with MYARCHIVE

I want to buy a NAS to keep and work on it, my photolibrary from Mac Computers. I listen Asustec has NAS with a MYARCHIVE functionality to be able to format the HDD as HFS+ (apple requirement to work with photolibrary).

My question is if that configurarion will work or not.

Maybe do you have other options that works as well?

Thank you very much!
Certainly, when it comes to working with your Mac's photolibrary on an Asustor NAS with MYARCHIVE functionality, it's important to note that MYARCHIVE is primarily designed for cold storage, allowing you to remove drives and store them safely. However, for network access over LAN or Wi-Fi, the NAS itself operates using its own file system that is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. While MYARCHIVE might not be the ideal solution for actively working with your photolibrary due to its nature as cold storage, you can certainly explore other Asustor NAS options that provide seamless network access. For the best experience, I would recommend looking into Celeron-based NAS models. These models offer solid performance and compatibility for smooth interaction with your photolibrary. As you consider your options, keep in mind that Celeron-based NAS models can provide the versatility you need for efficiently managing and accessing your photolibrary from your Mac computers.

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