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QNAP TS231P Reduce Storage Pool size to allow for snapshots

Please help. QNAP TS231P QTS5.1 RAID1. I updated to 5.1 and replace faulty Seagate 6Tbs with Toshiba MG 8Tbs all backed up, mostly multimedia. I must have made a mistake and all 7.28Tbs allocated with no space for snapshots. QTS won't let me reduce pool size 4Tb still unused, what can I do? Reformat and start again or something else? Any help much appreciated.
Certainly, I understand your situation. To address the issue of insufficient space for snapshots on your QNAP TS231P with QTS 5.1 and a RAID1 configuration, there's a solution that doesn't require reformatting. First, consider changing your volume type to "thin." This should help you optimize storage utilization and allow you to manage your available space more effectively. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the following link: How to Use Thin Volume in QTS. Additionally, to fully understand how to utilize snapshots on your QTS 5.1 system, you can refer to this comprehensive guide: Using Snapshots in QTS. This solution should help you allocate the necessary space for snapshots without the need for reformatting or starting over.

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