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SSDs in Ds723+

I need to replace my Synology DS214 and want to run some containers, so I am thinking of either DS224+ or DS723+. I am leaning towards the DS723+ as it is a bit more powerful (more than I need really) and has more upgrade possibilities. I have a few old 256GB nvme SSDs and I am wondering if I can use 2 to make a storage volume to run diskstation OS and some docker containers and use the 2x 6TB HDDs as a slower data volume. If not possible, I am probably better off with the DS224+. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Considering your upgrade from a Synology DS214 and your interest in running containers, the DS723+ or DS224+ could both be suitable options. The DS723+ offers more power and upgrade potential, even though it might be slightly more than you need. While you cannot install DSM directly on the NVMe SSDs, you can use them to enhance performance through caching. It's important to note that DSM cannot be installed on an NVMe drive, but you can utilize the NVMe SSDs for caching purposes to boost overall system performance. Regarding your plan to use the 2x 6TB HDDs as a data volume and the NVMe SSDs for DiskStation OS and Docker containers, by default, Synology's DSM only allows the use of Synology NVMe SSDs for creating volumes. However, there is a workaround available that can enable you to use your own NVMe SSDs. For your desired setup, using the DS723+ with its enhanced capabilities and the option for transcoding could be the preferable choice.

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