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Synology Options

I have decided on a Synology DS1621+ adding the additional 10GbE expansion card and SSD Cache. There is a choice of cards, either 10GbE SFP+ or 10GbE RJ45. This device will serve 2 - 4 Apple iMac's in a design studio. Can you suggest which one would be best in terms of speed and low latency??

I also am considering using SSD's Vs HDD's - would you do this for the fastest perfomance???

Absolutely, your choice of the Synology DS1621+ is a great one for your design studio needs. In terms of the 10GbE expansion card, I'd recommend going for the 10GbE RJ45 option. This choice would likely provide a more straightforward and compatible setup for your Apple iMacs, offering both speed and relatively low latency that suits your studio's demands.

Regarding storage, SSDs would indeed offer faster performance compared to HDDs. Given your use case and the need for speed, opting for SSDs can significantly enhance your workflow, especially when dealing with large design files and media projects. The increased read and write speeds of SSDs would contribute to a smoother and more efficient experience. Considering the SSD cost and your budget, this could be a well-justified investment for your small business.

You could even use NVMe for storage instead of cache.

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