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QNAP Automation

Plex crashes frequently on QNAP TS-464. Have to go login stop and restart Plex and everything is back to normal. Being new to QNAP and NAS’s I am looking for a step-by-step way to schedule automatic stop and restarts of my Plex QNAP app. I figure that has to be a task scheduler on the NAS, or a service that will restart apps if the fail. Need help at a 5 year level. Thanks
Your quest for uninterrupted Plex performance on your QNAP TS-464 is both practical and essential. Experiencing frequent crashes can indeed be vexing. To ensure long-term stability, a step-by-step approach is in order. First off, considering the third-party nature of Plex software, exploring the possibility of migrating to Synology software might yield more reliable results. Since Plex is a separate application, its compatibility with QNAP software can vary.

In your pursuit of automated solutions, directing your attention towards Docker might be fruitful. Docker provides an environment where Plex can run independently of the QNAP operating system. This separation minimizes any potential conflicts and grants you more control over Plex's performance. Docker's innate flexibility could be your key to consistent Plex operation without manual intervention.

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