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Ugrade DS1512+

My Ds1512+ is almost full, 5x3TB WD Reds using SHR. Time to update.
Looked into expanding my DS1512+ but the cost is not really worth the reward.
My NAS consist of movies, mp3, photos and private personal data storage.
I want to have the capability to add 20-25 high quality outside 4K cameras.
Currently using Swann analog system of 4 cameras, which I think is junk.
I live on an acre of property with 2 detached large garages. House and 1 garage is currently wired with CAT 5E.
The other garage , 125ft away from house, will be getting Cat6a underground wired, soon. Is there a better choice?

Want to use 2.5GBe or 10GBe network. Only have a few devices capable of 2.5GBe, but I want to update for future expansion and capabilities.
I've been reading up on the DS923+, Ds1521+, DS1621+, DS1821+
Was thinking that creating 3 pools of data, movies and cameras , not sure if that is smart though.
Want to user SHR1.
How many disk will I need and what size should I get?
Only 1 user.

To best cater to your evolving needs, aiming for models like the DS1821+ or DS1621+ could be prudent. These Ryzen-based units can handle your requirements efficiently, with the DS1821+ boasting powerful capabilities while aligning with your budget. Moreover, the DS1821+ accommodates your 2.5GBe or 10GBe network ambitions, setting the stage for seamless expansion and enhanced capabilities in the future.

In terms of storage, creating distinct pools of data for movies and cameras could indeed be a strategic move, enabling optimized organization. A recommended approach involves employing SHR1 and allocating around 58.71TB of total disk space, considering your bandwidth needs and total storage requirements. For surveillance, the DVA3221 could be a standout choice, equipped with built-in licenses and a dedicated GPU card for effective camera management.

Considering your layout, with wired connections spanning your property, including a garage 125ft away, utilizing your existing CAT 5E and soon-to-be-installed Cat6a infrastructure is a prudent decision. This ensures reliable data transmission between distant points while keeping you prepared for your future expansion plans.

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