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A new NAS inc camera support

Replacing my old synology 1010+ with a new NAS. Leaning towards the 923+ rather than 423+. Would that be overkill for home user? Mainly music and photos at the mo but wanting to add Hikvision cameras at some point soon. Is that possible with Synology? Thanks so much - learning lots from your channel. Adrian
Hello Adrian, thank you for reaching out to us. Considering your requirements, the DS923+ is indeed a powerful NAS model that could potentially be considered overkill for a home user primarily using it for music and photos. However, since you also plan to add Hikvision cameras in the near future, the DS923+ would offer you better performance and capabilities, making it a more future-proof choice. It's worth noting that the DS423+ comes with a graphics chip that allows for remote access to CCTV up to 4K resolution, whereas the DS923+ with its Ryzen processor is limited to 1080p remote access. Both NAS models can function effectively as CCTV servers, so you'll have a reliable solution regardless of your choice. Happy NAS shopping and feel free to explore our channel for more valuable information. Best regards!

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