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8 bay vs 12bay

We would like to have our 20tb of archive media and next 5 years of 4k-8k production media in one place assessable around the world on multiple devices both for quick ipad edits and field backups to larger scale multi editors working on the same project at the same time solutions.

The rs2423c vs the ds1823xs+

Or should we look at a non synology solution?
Both the RS2423+ and the DS1823xs+ are equipped with the AMD Ryzen V1780B processor. The RS2423+ is a rackmount solution, while the DS1823xs+ is a desktop model. Both NAS devices offer a smooth experience and are capable of handling multiple 4K-8K editors working simultaneously on the same project. The main consideration is the noise level and space requirements. The rackmount option would require a server room, so you should take that into account when making your decision. Alternatively, you can also explore non-Synology solutions that meet your specific requirements.

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