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Nimbustor 4 Plex media player?

Hi, it took me a while to choose which NAS to go for, but I finally went with the Nimbustor 4 and I populated it with 4 x 4gb WD Gold drives and I upgraded the Nas RAM to 16gb of DDR 4.
I have the Nas connected to my TV via hdmi and have a library of content using Plex server...
After a few days I noticed that some files wouldnt play, with a message being displayed saying something along the lines of, server not powerful enough.. it took me a while to realise that although the NAS is connected via hmdi, Plex was not being utilised via hdmi (asustor portal) and that I needed the Plex media player installed in Portal to stream directly....
However, I cannot find this and although I've found a version 1 Plex media player APK, it doesn't show support for the Nimbustor 4 and won't install...
This is pretty annoying, as this setup cost over £1k and it cant transcode high quality to my TV or provide the software to direct stream via HDMI. Can you advise or do you have any ideas for a remedy, Emby maybe¿
Yes, Plex is a very power demanding app. You should have no problems with the built-in video player app. You could lap disable the transcoding option in Plex settings. But if a TV does. It supports some of the video files, you should use the offline transcoding option and automatically create additional versions of those files so that tv can play any video.I hope this helps.

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