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Choosing a NAS

I've been running a very old 1 bay NAS for the last ~10 years. My primary use is to store all my personal files, photos and videos of which there is ~1TB. I occasionally stream videos from it to my TV or view pictures on my phone, but the main purpose is to be able to access the many files saved there, freeing up my phone and laptop, in turn making them run a lot more efficient. I have a an old 1TB external hard drive and backup the NAS periodically for my piece of mind and all the important stuff is also backed up to OneDrive as I subscribe to the Microsoft 365 personal package. I’m considering buying a new NAS so I can start doing more stuff, like saving IP camera footage, access externally, stream videos and perhaps one day explore virtualisation and more recently exploring Home Assistant. I have been looking at the Synology DS220+, building my own NAS/ server but not sure.
If you're looking to upgrade your old 1 bay NAS and expand your capabilities, the Synology DS220+ would be a suitable choice. It offers an affordable solution that can meet your needs and provide room for future exploration. With its versatile features, the DS220+ allows you to store and access your personal files, photos, and videos conveniently, freeing up space on your phone and laptop while improving overall efficiency.

Streaming videos to your TV and viewing pictures on your phone can be easily accomplished with the DS220+. It provides seamless media streaming capabilities, allowing you to enjoy your content on different devices throughout your home network. Additionally, you can take advantage of the NAS's ability to save IP camera footage, enhancing your home security setup.

Furthermore, the DS220+ opens the door to future possibilities such as virtualization and Home Assistant. It provides a platform to delve into virtual machine applications, enabling you to explore and experiment with different software environments. This can be particularly useful if you want to test and run multiple operating systems or applications simultaneously.

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